Organizational Structure

SEIL organizational structure assigns the ultimate responsibility for the non-Medicaid funded MHDS services with the governing board.  Member counties will appoint one member from the County Board of Supervisors (or designee) and an alternate member to serve as a Director on the Governing Board.  The Board of Supervisors of each member county shall select its Director and he or she shall serve for a 2 year appointment or the end of each person's service as a county supervisor.  Any Director appointed under this Section may be removed for any reason by the county appointing the Director, upon written notice to SEIL's Governing Board, which notice shall designate a successor Director to fill the vacancy.

The Governing Board shall include two ex-officio and non-voting representatives: one representing individuals who utilize mental health and disability services or an actively involved relative of such an individual and one representing service providers in SEIL.  Both Directors shall be designated by the Advisory Board, with such appointment to become effective upon acknowledgement by the Governing Board of SEIL.  Each Director shall serve an initial term of one year, which shall begin July, 2014, with appointments thereafter to be for two year terms.  No member shall be an employee of the Department of Human Services.