June 26, 2017

RE- Invite to Join Stakeholder Workgroup

SEIL Identified Stakeholder:

The Southeast Iowa Link (SEIL) mental health and disability services region would like to invite you to join our
Stakeholder Workgroup as directed in SF504.  The first meeting will take place at the Henry County Emergency
Management building located at 900 West Washington St.;  Mt. Pleasant, Iowa – Wednesday July 12th at 9 am.  Our objective is to create collaborative policies and processes relating to the delivery of, access to, and continuity of services and supports for individuals with mental health, disability, and substance use disorder needs, particularly for individuals with complex mental health, disability, and substance use disorder needs.  As you well know, this population of people frequently come in contact with a wide array of local public and private institutions/systems.

By joining, you will have the opportunity to meet many professionals across a wide cross section of the mental health and disability services system with an aspiration to analyze the needs of our region, consider prevention and intervention strategies that would be beneficial to our region, find effective and efficient ways to braid funding from multiple sources to implement service locally, and create a community services plan that will be the guiding document in addressing all SF504 mandates. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider this opportunity to become a stakeholder and how your contribution is
critical to improving the lives, communities, and systems of care/treatment related to mental health and disability. 
Your knowledge, input, and participation is invaluable to our collective success.




Ryanne Wood, M.A.

Southeast Iowa Link CEO

319 524-1052